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Winterizing Your Manufactured Home


Alberta, Canada is especially known for their winters with very cold weather and a long snow season so, it is necessary to be prepared! Winterizing a manufactured home is not that different from a detached house but to simplify the process for you, we have put together a list of things to consider before winter rolls in.

Whether you have purchased your manufactured home yet or not, this checklist is a great tool to keep in mind when purchasing your manufactured home. If you are looking for a manufactured home, Station Grounds has partnered with local manufactured home companies that we can ensure will have what you are looking for in your new home.

Making sure you take the time to winterize your house can help you stay warmer, keep the heating bills low and avoid unnecessary repair costs.

1. Insulation

As the winter weather approaches, it is important to take the time to winterize both the inside and outside of your manufactured home. The first steps in getting the exterior of your manufactured home ready for the winter may be a trip to the local home repair store for some insulation. Whether you purchase spray foam insulation or insulation bales, both options aid in the heating of your home.

You can use spray foam insulation for any cracks and crevices along windows, A/C units, where pipes enter into your home or around any doors. Institution bales can be used to insulate the bottom of your manufactured home.

2. Outdoor Items

Make sure to take a good look at what you have outside of your home – BBQ? Recreation Items? Patio Furniture? Sometimes its not until the first snow fall that we realize the “little things” that kept us entertained all summer long are now going to be ruined by the wet snow.

In your manufactured home, you may not have the space to store these items inside without giving up your livable space. Consider a plastic shed or  portable storage unit that can be kept in your yard to store your summer items such as your barbecue, lawn furniture, garden hose* and lawn tools with ease throughout the winter season.

* Make sure that you unhook your garden hose to allow the freeze proof faucets to drain.

3. Water Lines

While you are unhooking your garden hose, this would be a good time to check your water lines. Without properly winterizing your water supply, you are putting yourself at further risk financially and in need of emergency repair to your home. Your water lines should be protected throughout the winter season and installing a heat cable is a possible solution. We suggest that you look into the manufactures instructions as the protocol may differ according to various water risers in your manufactured home.

4. Interior Items

Interior maintenance for winter survival is an ongoing project and a great place to start at the beginning of winter to make sure the furnace filter is cleaned regularly. A furnace filter is easily forgotten so make sure you mark your calendar! Your furnace filter should be changed once a month during the house-heating season. Through the restriction of airflow and increase energy demand, you will see a difference on your bill if you skip this winterizing project.

Get rid of that draft – placing a rolled up towel at the bottom of a drafty door is a great way to save on your energy bill! If it’s a drafty window that has you chilled, consider a window insulation kit at your local hardware store is a quick and dirty solution to that extra air flow.

5. Manufactured Home Proofing

The skirting on your manufactured home should be installed as per the manufactured guidelines, as this is a great way to keep the draft out from underneath your home. Make sure that all access points are closed off prior to the snow fall so there are no animals getting in to cause potential issues to your winterizing efforts.

In the case of serenely cold nights, avoid pouring small amounts of water down the pipes as it may lead to freezing in the sewer lines.

Planning on a getaway? Leave cupboards and closet doors open at night in case of severely cold nights. This allows heat to circulate in areas that may not get proper heating.

6. Emergency Items

With winter storms rolling in, it is important to be prepared for any situation! Having bottled water, canned foods and winter crops stored in your home ensures that you are able to make it through any storm, whenever it comes.

With the sun setting earlier, power outages have more affect on our ability to navigate in an emergency situation. If the lights go out, it is a good idea to store matches, extra batteries, and a flashlight so that you are still able to navigate through your house in an emergency at any time of the day.

Other items to keep in your emergency kit:

  • Sleeping bags / pillows
  • First Aid Kit
  • Battery powered radio
  • Non-prescription pain medications
  • Glasses / contacts
  • Pet food
  • Personal Hygiene items
  • Paper cups, plates, utensils and paper towels
  • Paper, pens
  • Games, puzzles and books


Located in the thriving community of Coaldale, AB, Station Grounds offers a quiet, safe, small-town community that’s only minutes away from the bustling heart of Lethbridge, Alberta. Leasing a lot in Station Grounds is a stress-free and low-cost alternative to buying. Worry-free living at its’ finest!  Station Grounds has a property manager and an onsite tenant coordinator to respond to any concerns or questions about your manufactured home in any season including the cold Alberta months.


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Top 4 Things To Do In Coaldale, Alberta

A WISE CHOICE. The town of Coaldale has a recorded population of just over 8,000 residents. In this community you will find residents that appreciate a hospitable and welcoming environment for all that visit. Whether you are looking for the golf course down the road, or the coffee shop on the corner, Coaldale Alberta residents will be more than happy to assist you with directions!

Old fashioned and quaint are just a few words used to describe the small-town feel of Coaldale. Though it is a small town, visitors are not limited on what to do, with the town’s rich history there is a lot to learn and enjoy! Coaldale is an amazing destination for the entire family!



Choose your daily itinerary from a list of museums, golf courses, nature walks & conservation areas. There is sure to be something that appeals to everyone!


1. Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

With a mission to rehabilitate and release injured birds of prey back to the wild, the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre is a one-of-a-kind adventure for you.

I left feeling more connected to the birds that I
see everyday out here in the mountains

The Alberta Prey Centre was established with the intention to develop Alberta’s first volunteer wildlife rescue facility and throughout the years and help from many volunteers has grown to see numerous improvements developing into the Centre you can visit today.

  • Distance from Station Grounds: 6 minutes, walking

2. Coaldale Golf Courses

If you are interested in getting away from the busy everyday life you can play a 9-hole or 18-hole course at either Land o’ Lakes Golf Course or Indian Hills Golf Course this will give you the opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy rolling greens and tight fairway views.

  • Land o’ Lakes Golf Course Distance from Station Grounds: 5 minutes, driving
  • Indian Hills Golf Course Distance from Station Grounds: 18 minutes, driving


3. Gem of the West Museum

One of Southern Alberta’s best kept secrets. Established in 1995, The Gem of the West Museum is one of the largest rural museums in Southern Alberta, showcasing over 15 unique exhibits and an art gallery. The museum also serves as a great community venue for public programs and events, private rental events and functions.

Whether you are looking to host an event in the town or looking for a daily getaway activity, the Gem of the West Museum needs to be on your to-do list.

  • Distance from Station Grounds: 6 minutes, walking


4. Hiking & Outdoor Activities  

Stafford Lakes is a great summer getaway close to Coaldale, Alberta! Bring your family, your bathing suit and your sunscreen to this privately-run beach and camping area. If you are looking to book a weekend getaway from Station Grounds or family is coming to visit, and you want to stay in the local area – Stafford Lakes is the place to go.

As mentioned in this article from the Lethbridge Herald, “It features a new boat launch, boat dock, a sandy beach area, RV and tent camping on either a seasonal or short-term basis, picnic areas, basketball court, beach volleyball, kayak and paddleboard rentals, and a Cafe for ice cream and other novelties.”

  • Distance from Station Grounds: 12 minutes, driving 


Coaldale Community Calendar

Looking for more community activities? Coaldale has a list of weekly and monthly activities that will keep you busy through any season! Check out Coaldale, Alberta’s town community calendar.

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Four Reasons You May Want to Consider Living in a Manufactured Home Community in Southern Alberta

Typically you will invest a lot of time considering living arrangements for various milestones in your life.  Whether you are looking for a starter house, hoping to live in a new home in a nice community or  retiring and wanting a property with very little maintenance you will have a wide variety of choices.

The traditional choices for young families, working families or retired people who want a cost effective living arrangement are buying a small house, moving into a condo or renting an apartment.  Whatever group you are in, you are most likely hoping to have extra cash, some private space and you may want a home for your pets.

It’s time to think about life in a manufactured home community

Living in a manufactured home community, like Station Grounds near Lethbridge in Southern Alberta is an interesting and attractive alternative to the traditional choices. At Station Grounds you would have a home customized for your needs and tastes for a very reasonable cost. The lots are leased at around $400 per month and there are no hidden or extra costs.  See how it works at

Here are some impressive benefits of living in a manufactured home community:

1. Property & Privacy

Regardless of what stage in life you are at, living in a manufactured home community allows you to have your own property and privacy.

If you live in a manufactured home you don’t physically share a wall with anyone, which drastically reduces potential noises and disturbances that may arise in apartment style living. Another advantage: Having your own personal space, both inside and out, allows you to garden, to invite more friends over, to have pets and to relax on a summer’s evening without sharing the space or bothering other people.

2. Sense of Community & Independence

When living in a manufactured home community you are not giving up your social life, but gaining one.  You will enjoy like-minded people with similar lifestyles and interests. Not to mention, if you want to get into the city to catch a movie, attend an exercise class or get in some shopping –  the town core of Coaldale, Alberta is only 5 – 10 minutes down the road and has everything you need. The city of Lethbridge is only 20  minutes away.  Click here to learn more.

Not only will you have the social life you choose, you will also be are able to maintain many of your hobbies such are gardening and participating in neighbourhood events. Have the freedom of your own private oasis – consider Station Grounds when planning for your future home.

3. Affordability

When we refer back to the traditional first step of potential home buyers, affordability is a major impact on the final decision. Affordability is something that makes a land-lease manufactured home community even more appealing.

A land-lease community is a great first step for homebuyers at any stage in their life, whether they’re looking for a long term or short term commitment. A land-lease community provides you with the flexibility to save money buy owning your manufactured home and lease the land it sits on.

4. Amenities & Peace of Mind

Since you will select your own customized manufactured mobile home, you have the flexibility to create the oasis that suits your lifestyle.From modern, well-appointed kitchens and bathrooms to generous, luxurious living spaces your new home will have everything you want and need.  Station Grounds has partnered with three manufactured home offices in Lethbridge, Alberta close to the station Grounds location.

Start planning your your new life and new home now.

Is peace of mind important to you? Leasing a lot in Station Grounds means that you, our tenant, is covered by the Mobile Home Site Tenancies Act (MHSTA). This means your monthly fees cover multiple services such as snow removal for both parks and common areas during the winter months. Station Grounds takes care of community upkeep so that your community can maintain an attractive and welcoming environment for you and your friends and family.

Are you interested in living in a modern affordable home with all the amenities you deserve but want a simpler life?

Learn more about living in a manufactured home community by contacting our Tenant Coordinator, Dixie McCarley to answer any questions about living in Station Grounds. Dixie can tell you what to expect when you call Station Grounds your new home! Located in Coaldale, Alberta a majority of our residents have come to us from British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.