Planning Your Retirement? Consider a Manufactured Home Community

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For many individuals, the thought of retirement is daunting. A change in lifestyle, routine, and housing situation is a just a short list of concerns that many contemplate when thinking of their retirement plan.

This phase in life doesn’t need to be daunting. The transition to retirement is a phase that should be exciting and celebrated! With a manufactured home community, Station Grounds can promise a living situation that is fitting for all walks of life – whether you are someone who cherishes their independence, family life, and/or hobbies.

Why You Should Consider a Manufactured Home Community

Fewer Chores, More Fun: With a space to call your own and some maintenance available on-location, it is no secret that life at Station Grounds requires minimal household chores. This leaves extra time for more enjoyable activities right from your home or within neighbouring communities. We highly believe that independence and leisure time is important and healthy for the mind and body. To further encourage a fun-filled lifestyle, Station Grounds provides lawn maintenance and roadway snow removal, again to lessen your workload!

Recreational Activities Close By: Free time is something we make a priority at Station Grounds. If you are someone who likes active living, interested in taking up a new hobby, or love social events then our manufactured home community would be ideal for you! With the town of Coaldale and the city of Lethbridge close by, Station Grounds residents have the opportunity to stay connected to a community through events and activities available within either city or town. The close proximity makes transportation short and sweet, leaving you with more time to tackle new hobbies. Retirement is your chance to experience new things, in a safe and friendly environment.

Be a Part of a Community: Living in a close-knit community like Station Grounds gives you the opportunity to really get to know your fellow neighbours, this is a perk that we are most proud of! Nothing feels quite as rewarding as being a part of an inclusive community and connecting with those around you. When living in a manufactured home community, you get the chance to meet like-minded individuals who share the same interests as you, allowing you to build strong and healthy relationships that will last a lifetime.

Now, we only chose to highlight three perks to living in a manufactured home community but there are so many other benefits like: convenience, safety, peace of mind and more! We can ensure you that when choosing to live in a manufactured home community, you are choosing a community to connect with, convenience, and a great balance between excitement and relaxation. Like stated previously, your transition to retirement doesn’t need to be stressful. Let’s celebrate this phase in life together!


Located in the thriving community of Coaldale, AB, Station Grounds offers a quiet, safe, small-town community that’s only minutes away from the bustling heart of Lethbridge, Alberta. Leasing a lot in Station Grounds is a stress-free and low-cost alternative to buying. Worry-free living at its’ finest!  Station Grounds has a property manager and an onsite tenant coordinator to respond to any concerns or questions about your manufactured home in any season including the cold Alberta months.