Peace of Mind

couple signing lease station grounds manufactured home coaldale alberta

Living in Station Grounds, an attractive manufactured home community in Coaldale, Alberta, affords you peace of mind and a safe and welcoming environment. The well-maintained grounds allow families to enjoy their neighbourhood in safety and comfort. Our tight-knit community boasts a great sense of connection, with friendly neighbours who care for and watch out for each other. There’s always a friendly neighbour who has your best interests at heart.

In choosing Station Grounds for your home, you can be assured that your tenant rights will be protected and respected by the Mobile Home Sites Tenancies Act (MHSTA). Not only is your rent price guaranteed for two years, any potential increases are controlled by MHSTA. This means that you can plan your finances for the long term, knowing what your budget will be. Never worry about unexpected increases or the stresses and uncertainties that come along with large changes in the real estate market.

Finally, a Property Manager is available to answer your questions, help you with any issues or problems, and to make sure that the streets are always snow-free and the parks and common areas are well-maintained.

Select a customized manufactured home and visit Station Grounds to see how the community will be a perfect home for you.

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